1. New beginnings.

    Okay, I haven’t blogged in a year, but I thought this was a deserving topic. Lesson of the year: Fight ‘til the end.

    When I first moved down from San Francisco, I U-Hauled all of my things from SF right into my own 1 bedroom in the heart of ktown. My mom and Stephen even surprised me with furniture waiting for me inside, all cleaned and tidy! All I needed to do was unpack my clothes. The unit was a large corner unit, on the top floor. It had great lighting and hardwood floors. I thought it was the start of a beautiful new chapter.

    From the first day, I noticed dead roaches. “Okay,” I thought, “I can deal with dead bugs.” I cleaned it all up, without saying a word. Then I started to see live roaches, and this was in daylight, so I knew I had a problem. Talked to management and sprayed down the whole place. Every corner, every crevice. Next day, more roaches. I implemented bug bombs/fumigators, cleaned the whole place again, talked with management. I thought this would be the end of the bugs. No.

    The next day, I was frightened out of my mind to open up my medicine cabinet and see a huge roach skitter out of it and onto my floors. I saw bugs around my window sills. I was seriously disgusted. I talked to management again. Barely any response, empty promises. Exactly 1 week from the day I moved in, I moved out. I took pictures of the place, emptied the place, and I knew I had my rights to all my money. This place was uninhabitable - unsanitary and no installed smoke detectors. I thought that would be the end, as the building managers could clearly see the violation of habitability and sanitation. No.

    3 full months of waiting, sending letters to the building owners, researching my renter’s rights, communicating with the building managers, and I wasn’t getting all of my righted money back. At this point, I had already moved into my new DTLA studio, put down an additional security deposit and first month’s rent, and still hadn’t received my deposit from my previous apartment in San Francisco (since I subletted my room out). I knew I was righted to my money - why were they being so difficult?! I then sought legal advice, which pointed me into the direction of small claim legal action. But I still felt like I could handle this situation on my own. Suing the apartment building owners would be my last, last resort.

    I repeatedly sent certified mail to the building owners, expressing how they had violated the California Civil Code and the California Health and Safety Code. I called the Los Angeles County Department of Public Housing to place claims on the building and the unit. I communicated for a couple hours with a mediation settlement service and got a third party involved. And finally, I was able to meet with the building owners.

    And today, after almost 4 full months of fighting for my renter’s rights, I have been reimbursed for the full amount of money I put down. After this tedious and extremely long process of fighting, my hands literally trembled as I held the check. Victorious!

    Key takeaways:

    1. Yay for justice!
    2. I hate bugs.
    3. Knowledge is power.

  2. The distance.

    Being in a long distance relationship, I’ve come to realize that distance robs you of so much. The absence of physical presence strips you of your ability to physically comfort, to deliver care packages, to have quality time, to go on dates, etc. But rather than focusing on what distance takes away from you.. rather than being a victim of distance.. and rather than allowing distance to be the blame for separation.. it becomes an absolute necessity to discover what you can do to make up for what distance fights to tear apart.

    It becomes imperative to channel all of your effort in crawling out of that comfort zone and using the medium of words to keep the relationship consistent and emotionally stable. Because literally, all you have left in order to show someone love, is through your ability to speak words of affection, affirmation, comfort. In some ways, I feel blessed to have that sort of emotional connection that sprouts from the vulnerabilities of putting love into words. It’s rare, for one thing. It also creates a meaningful relationship, for another.

    But at the end of the day, distance is hard. It’s painful and there is a huge learning curve. But no matter what distance tries to force apart, the effort in putting in your own due diligence to discover all you can do to keep the relationship glued together makes all the difference. All the difference.

  3. Yes, Disney understands Asian men.

  4. Cooked dinner with the roomie last night. Ground turkey, orange pepper, mushroom, spinach, mozzarella, parmesan cheese blend lasagna! Homemade salad dressing. 2011 Ridge Lytton Springs zinfandel wine.

    Love homemade dinners.

  5. "A friendship that cannot survive the momentary discomfort of you standing up for your needs is not actually a friendship worth holding onto."
    Jennifer Peepas  (via anditslove)
  6. corgi bunny.

    corgi bunny.

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